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Buying or Selling, Get Livestock to and From Market With a Trailer

Posted on April 11th, 2016 by Angie Mouser

Livestock TrailersFarm or ranch owners have plenty to think about with auction season approaching. Before starting to haul livestock to or from the auction this year, it’s worth considering the condition of your livestock trailer – it may be time to upgrade or replace your trailer.

A quality trailer can provide many years of service but, like any equipment, it will eventually need to be replaced. Sometimes a trailer may still be serviceable, but an upgrade might be the smarter business move.

Breaking down on the road is never fun, but breaking down with a load of livestock can be an even bigger problem though. Wiring, axles, springs, brakes and even the hitch on older trailers can fail at inconvenient times, and roadside repairs can be time-consuming and expensive. Trailer problems can also cost producers additional money if livestock cannot be brought to auction or picked up on schedule.

Upgrading to a newer trailer has many advantages. Saving time and money on maintenance is important for any operation, and a new trailer can provide years of reliable service. Replacing an older trailer with a lightweight aluminum trailer will also save your tow vehicle from extra strain and wear while also reducing fuel consumption. Modern stock trailers also have some innovative options available, like living space built into the trailer. This not only saves owners money on staying in out-of-town hotels, but also provides convenience and security, as you will always be available to keep a close on your animals.

Mouser Steel Supply is a full-service trailer dealership. In addition to selling quality new and used trailers, we also have skilled mechanics on hand with decades of experience repairing trailers. For those who like to do their own repairs, we also stock a wide variety of trailer parts and will custom order parts if we do not have them in inventory.

Mouser Steel Supply can help you find the perfect livestock trailer for auction season. Visit us on Highway 72 in Patton, Missouri today, or call us at 573-866-2979 to learn more about how we can help you with your trailer needs.

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