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Taking the Show on the Road

Posted on March 21st, 2016 by Angie Mouser

Whether you have a single horse or dozens, we know you care deeply for each and every one of your animals. Horses are amazing creatures, and there are a number of steps you can take to increase their comfort and well-being. This is especially true when you hit the road and travel with your horses to horse shows around the country. That’s why no horse owner should go without a high-quality horse trailer for their animals.

2016 FeatherliteTaking the Show on the RoadAt Mouser Steel Supply, we offer a large selection of new and used horse trailers, all of which are available at great prices. We don’t just offer standard horse trailers that you may be familiar with. Our trailers offer ample space for your horses and we even have options that include living space for you, as well, allowing you to have the convenience of an RV as part of your horse trailer, ensuring everyone on the road trip – whether they have two or four legs – will be content even if you’re on the road for hours at a time.

The spring show season is just starting up, and we know this means you and your horses will be especially busy throughout the next few months. You can give yourself some much needed peace of mind now by ensuring you have the horse trailers you need to before the shows begin. On our website you can search by brand, condition, hitch type and a variety of other factors.

Just recently, we were thrilled to sell a 12-horse trailer to the great team at the Ringling Brothers & Barnum Bailey Circus. We understand that most of our customers may not need trailers that large, but just in case you do, we can accommodate a wide range of requests.

We invite you to browse our website to learn more about our new and used horse trailers. You can view the full details and pictures of each of the trailers we have for sale online. To learn more about a trailer or for help finding the perfect trailer for your needs, call us today at 573-866-2979.

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