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Mouser Trailers – Patton, Missouri’s #1 Trailer Dealer

Mouser Steel Supply is one of the best Missouri trailer dealers by far. In every way – whether it be through our excellent customer service, the numerous types of trailers we have available, or the fantastic quality of service we provide – we beat out all other dealerships. Perhaps you want something shiny and new, or perhaps you want to keep your budget lower and need something used – either way, we have a trailer for you. We carry a large and various array of trailers, offering not only many different new trailer types and brands alongside some makes and models unavailable from our competitors, making our dealership the only place you need to look for your new trailer.


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At Mouser Steel Supply, your satisfaction is our first priority.
Stop by the dealership if you’d like more information, or give us a call at 573-367-4547